Audiosine 700W Reference Amplifier

CLIENT:                              Audiosine Ltd

PROJECT DATE:       2009
This amplifier is a self-directed project investigating high power Class D stereo amplification.

Utilizing Hypex UcD700 HRX modules that output 700W into a 4 ohm load this amplifier can power any domestic loudspeaker with ease.  The balanced XLR inputs are transformer coupled for passive ultrasonic and DC filtering with the benefit of removing ground loops.  The main power supply is of the best quality possible with a 2KVA toroid transformer, 32A Schottkey diode bridges, and 22,000uF Mundorf Mlytic HC capacitors with Teflon-in-Film bypass capacitors for instantaneous current response.  The additional regulated power supplies for the driver and modulator stages are of the same high quality.

I designed and built the casing work myself with the aid of Solidworks and a Roland MDX-650 CNC machine.  The timber used is recycled mahogany donated by a family friend and all aluminum parts are milled from T6061 stock, sandblasted and sent away for anodizing (although I did attempt to do that as well….).  The base is made from Panzerwood – a very dense industrial plywood and spray-painted black in two-pot epoxy. The front panel is simply a backlit acrylic panel.

This is my current reference high power amplifier.

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