Marsyas & MIR Toolbox

I haven’t electronically updated my project’s web presence in some time, despite a great deal of research having been completed. Rather than try and update in the correct chronological order I am going to use the scattergun approach in order to actually do it, rather than thinking about it as I have over the last week.

I have investigated software that will help analyze music for the interface:


Marsyas is a open source software framework specifically written for this purpose in C++ by George Tzanetakis, and has the advantage of being real-time.

However, as my assistant supervisor Nigel Yee has already pointed me in the direction of using Matlab or similar program – with their ability to port firmware to a microprocessor – finding the MIRToolbox created by Olivier Lartillot, Petri Toiviainen and Tuomas Eerola at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland has been a real find.  They have created a series of ‘blackbox’ Matlab functions that are designed to analyze music in many different ways.  These functions can be used in many ways, including, which is the way I want to employ them.

This is a brave new world!

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