I have been using the MIRToolbox plugin for MATLAB in order to analyse music.  By using four standard (non DRM, free) tracks over the course of my experiments, I hope to able to make correlations between music, gesture and form by running Self Organised Mapping (Neural networks) over the results.  Here are the graphical outputs from MIRToolbox: [...]
CLIENT:                     Unitec PROJECT DATE:       2011 - 2013 COLLABORATION:   Dr Nigel Yee   This is a component of my current Masters project.  The project seeks to remove dennotative symbol based communication with an abstract interface that uses movement to convey interface logic. The neural network that I am proposing acts as the structure on which the UI is based upon.[...]
CLIENT:                     Unitec PROJECT DATE:       2012 COLLABORATION:   Noel Zeng & Peter Koraca As a core concern of my current project I have tried to understand what are people’s natural gestures, rather than the learnt behaviours that we currently employ with touchscreen based devices.  Obviously, some of these gestures are themselves now natural, but after processing the outpu[...]

Marsyas & MIR Toolbox

I haven't electronically updated my project's web presence in some time, despite a great deal of research having been completed. Rather than try and update in the correct chronological order I am going to use the scattergun approach in order to actually do it, rather than thinking about it as I have over the last week. I have investigated software that will help analyze music for the interface:[...]