12 Hour Car – Lego Redux

I have finally managed to get my hands on some Lego Mindstorm over the holidays, and I immediately thought about making a new version of my 12 Hour Car: perhaps I should rename it ‘2 Day Car’?  It’s so much fun that it could be a ‘1 Week Car’ if I have any more spare time.  The catch with Mindstorms is that there is only 3 standard motor outputs and my original design needed at least 5, so I have been forced to invent: this version only uses two axis of controlled motion. One being the drive to the rear wheel and the other is the cross member that is linked to the two front wheels. As the wheel struts swivel they move the rear wheel around it’s constrained axis, thus cornering is achieved.

It won’t have quite the functionality, but I think I will now try and make this geometry with the motors and control.

P1100104 P1100103 P1100102 P1100101 P1100100 P1100098 P1100097 P1100096




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