Word Association

I made a quick word cloud in order to get a handle on some of the emotions that I want to elicit in my design/

Rotary Dials

I have the concept that if using a rotary dial, it should be an analogy of a SLR camera lens - with the same kind of precision and tactile promise.  I mocked up a couple of quick Solidworks animations to see what effects I could get/ Amplifier Dial Render #1 from Ben Jarrett on Vimeo. Dial Render #2 from Ben Jarrett on Vimeo. Dial Render #3 from Ben Jarrett on Vimeo.

Mid Point Presentation - 26th August

I gave my mid point presentation on Thursday, and seriously misunderestimated (sic) my target resulting in much negative feedback from the tutors - I will post a video when I can - but as ever, they had several good points and my ultimate design in mind, so I must listen to them....:)

Michael Jackson - Thriller

1500 inmates from the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Phillipines practice their own rendition of Thriller.  Surreal.

Fleet Foxes - Winter Hymnal

It's hard to resist the sweet harmonies of Fleet Foxes' Winter Hymnal.Embedding is disabled on the song that I wanted to post, Mykonos, but the great video can be see here.

Swans - Failure

The Swans' Micheal Gira adds uber gravitas to one of the most grinding songs ever - Failure.....

Rotary dial mock up

I have been toying with the idea that, if using a rotary dial as the main controller, there is an analogy between the lens on a high quality SLR camera, and it's precision fit and feel.  I quickly knocked up a Solidworks render to visualise a set of inset dials that expand out into useablity when the unit is switched on by pushing the inner dial......just an idea at the moment, but perhaps a nice [...]

concrete speaker models

The cardboard models that I have been making are very useful, but they don't convey the sense of mass, of gravitas, that I am seeking.  With some encouragement from my supervising lecturer, Dr Cris de Groot, I made my first slabs of concrete, I mean models.  I didn't have quite enough concrete for the second model, so it's a mess.....but the first model worked a treat and makes for a great visual [...]

Battles - Leyendecker

One year at Fujirock festival in Japan, we left Beastie Boys as they were so disappointing compared to the energy that had been on the main stage throughout the day - we had heard of Battles, so we wondered over to see if they could do better.  This was playing, and I was totally blown away.........................love it when that happens/

Emmylou Harris - Wrecking Ball

Emmylou Harris sings the Neil Young song, Wrecking Ball. The album is produced by Daniel Lanois and is a sonic spectacular on a system capable of high resolution, and big, low undistorted bass output.

Skeptics - a.f.f.c.o.

This video, by one of my favourite New Zealand bands The Skeptics, was very controversial when it debuted on Radio With Pictures - the local music show on TV at the time.  It still is direct now....

Snapper - Buddy

New Zealand's own Snapper were cited by Stereolab as influential to their 'monochord' style/

jordan jxr6 hd main driver

The loudspeaker I am building is a little unusual, mainly due to the driver selection.  I am using two drivers; a Jordan JXr6HD for the midrange and treble and a Tangband W6-1139SI for the bass.  I will write about the downwards facing bass driver in another entry, so let’s turn our attention to the Jordan driver.  The designer, Ted Jordan, is a stone cold legend in the loudspeaker business, h[...]


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system block diagram/ volume

Here is the basic block diagram for the system, with one channel only shown.  The volume control is digital - onboard the DAC chip (most likely the newer ESS Sabre 32bit Reference).  I have been very reticent to use digital attenuation due to the well known problems with bit decimation and my own subjective experiences.  My preferred solution is to use transformer attenuation with 6-10dB taps,[...]

more cardboard prototypes

I have a rough schedule of adding at least two more cardboard models a day.  It seems to be a good way to experiment in a fast way without many constraints - these models are all 540mm tall: half scale/

Cardboard prototypes

I made some quick and dirty cardboard prototypes today, which felt great after so much reseaching.  3D sketching is one of my favorite modes of investigation as it produces results rapidly and shows mass, which tends to elude drawing and 2D media.

Loudspeaker - Initial Prototype

Originally, I was going to build the 'medium' speaker that I had expended a lot of research and effort building as my major project for my degree.  In the meantime I had been kicking along a smaller speaker as a secondary product launch.  This is the video of when I first completed this speaker earlier this year.  I elected to build this smaller system due to the time and cost constraints as posed[...]

Sugar Pie de Santo - Rock Me Baby

I have just found Sugar Pie Desanto while looking for Etta James' version of Rock Me Baby.  It turns out that Etta James is her younger cousin.... Anyway, I love the way this 5 foot tall dynamo just belts out this classic and her performance is so animated!

initial presentation

This is the original presentation that I gave to my lecturers at the end of last semester.  The presentation was seen as a way for tutors to finally green light the project, or pick up any major problems before we all put the hammer down. The essence of my project is a high quality soundsystem for domestic use in smaller house and apartments, ie: it is aimed at the city dweller, or as a seconda[...]

Ben Jarrett

I have two main areas of professional expertise and passion that seem to intertwine – high-end audio and experience/interaction design. I am most interested in creating deep value design that brings people into conscious process and state of sustained delight and immersion.  This approach requires holistic design that seeks to understand stakeholders unspoken needs as well as underlying environm[...]

Mulatu Astatke - Gubèlyé

Here is the "Father of Ethio-Jazz" Mulatu Astatke with a dreamy video that suits the piece perfectly. Mulatu Astatke - Gubèlyé ATTN: Ben Just insert a 'more' tag here if you want the video on the article page and not visible on this page.
This is short video made with Nick Gill as part of a first year's Creativity class. It splices elements of Vincent Ward's The Navigator, Idaho Transfer by Peter Fonda and a BBC nature documentary - Planet Earth if I remember correctly....     Synedoche from Ben Jarrett on Vimeo.