Bodymapping 1.0

Conceptually, this interface (which I should name) is about removing the cool efficiency of current media player interaction, and replacing it with humane efficacy.

When we approach this new interface, how can it enable and extend, or deflect, our current emotional state?

We listen to music for essentially two reasons: either to heighten our current emotional state, or to change it.  i.e.:  we either want to be happier, angrier or even more lonesome.  Conversely, we want to calm down in order to think or hype ourselves for the imminent housework!

I believe that current media players dispassionately intercede between this emotive intentionality and expressive delivery.

In trying to find how a such an interface might work, I repeatedly visited an imaginary device, questioning what I might want, or need:

Bodymapping 1.0 from Ben Jarrett on Vimeo.

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