Cardboard Stools

CLIENT:                     Unitec

PROJECT DATE:       2008
The cardboard stool project was among my favourites in the first year of my degree. It is a common project among Design Schools and there were many previous examples on the web: some of our less scrupulous members made good use of the resource! The brief required that the only material was cardboard with no glues or tape to be used. At presentation we had to sit on your stools, with our feet off the ground, for 30 seconds.

I made many prototypes, and created two models for the final presentation, both of which survived the test admirably. The star chair had a particularly complicated template as may be seen in the bottom photos, but folded to a star without any visible tabs. The grid chair also managed to conceal the tabs, but I feel that I could have created a lighter and more elegant response given time.
This project taught me the importance of details and careful prototyping, which I believe has remained a constant modus operandi throughout my work.


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