Castiglione Stool Redux _01

CAST Stool.145

Today I brought a large ball, with the express intention of using it to create a concrete cast for the base of a tall stool with a bicycle seat.  With a history of having back pain, and having used a sit/stand desk for some years, I have a nascent theory about the need for ‘micro-inflections’ in muscle use.  Much as a off-road runner is forced to react – and balance – using micro adjustments as she runs; I often gyrate and micro boogie my way through the standing desk part of my day.

I imagined that a balancing ‘standing stool’ might be a solution.  As I described my prototyping concept to a colleague, he exclaimed ‘like Castiglione’s Bicycle Stool?’.   Ah, yes……only 57 years too late!

In a fit of fluster, I quickly made a few CAD renders instead.  The seat is wrong……but it’s just the 1st pass, and I have an idea/

Castiglione Stool CAST Stool.154 CAST Stool.149 CAST Stool.148 CAST Stool.147 CAST Stool.146 CAST Stool.144 CAST Stool.01

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