CLIENT:                       Da Kun Ltd / Audiosine Ltd / Self Directed

PROJECT DATE:       2009

COLLABORATION:  Joshua Stewart

Computer Engineered Lattice Loudspeaker System

CELLS is a self directed project that investigates the potential of computer algorithms and Selective Laser Sintering.  Josh already had done some work on computer generated modelling for his Architectural degree.  For many years I have been trying to create a completely randomised loudspeaker cabinet interior that exhibits the structure of open cell foam, but has a variable density and is completely rigid.  CELLS uses modelling to create this form.

Unfortunately this kind of modelling requires huge amounts of computing power – using the most powerful computer we could summon only 4% of the equation could be solved!   Enquiries to use one of the few super computers available drew a blank, and the cost of the SLS also proved prohibitive – some US$25,000 for a small cabinet.

This is a great idea waiting for technology to catch up…


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