Interface Design Machine 1.0

CLIENT:                     Unitec

PROJECT DATE:       2011


This machine is designed to allow insight into user’s natural mappings regarding media devices.

I hacked a piece of security software, and used it to both play an instructional movie and record the viewer’s hands as they reacted to the instructions (Play, Next, etc.).  The movie consisted of initial instructions and then three stages of commands: WORDS >> SYMBOLS >> SOUND

I painted the monitor and webcam bright red and placed it into the main foyer in the Design School at Unitec.  It had a phenomenal response with over 30 people participating each day, which really helped to get a broad spectrum from which to base design decisions around.

The real insight was that people responded in a variety of different ways that were not copies of common smartphone/touchscreen interfaces.  The machine itself cannot make datasets from this video feed, but it has led to the need for a new IDM, which can make datasets that can be analyzed and visualized for deeper insight.


IDM Test Contact from Ben Jarrett on Vimeo.

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