Interface Design Machine – Two

Here are some initial representations of a second IDM that expands the path that the first IDM helped create.  I believe that the first IDM was valid due to the fact that it showed that we do not all have a common response to processing input commands, despite the ubiquitous gestures that map across most smart devices.  IDM1 was not able to capture data in a quantitative manner, so I was unable to expand the knowledge in a manner that we could codify and publish.  This second IDM captures the users touch data in a array (Time/Touch1/Touch2/Touch3/etc).  This data will be collated and available, and the code will also be open source and available.  These two videos are just variations on a theme exploring how this webapp might play out.  I am quite keen to make it look seamless from the introduction into the data capture.  The coding (HTML5/Canvas) will be done by the very able Noel Zeng.

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