Reeflex from Ben Jarrett on Vimeo.

CLIENT:                     Designskolen Kolding

PROJECT DATE:       2012

COLLABORATION:   Anja Debelo, Sanja Radakovic & Sona Flajžíková
Reeflex physically consists of a large interactive screen that is connected to a set of cameras controlled by software; the cameras record people walking past. It is part of the cityscape and aims to positively contribute to the social space and engages people in way that increases the sense of local community in a globalized world. Reeflex reflects the environment, including people, in front of it. The background image of the screen is the background wall itself – making Reeflex part of the local environment.

Reflex has three distinct layers that each work to enhance the overall project.

The first layer operates as you walk into the space. As you enter from one direction, a randomly delayed image of yourself begins to walk across the screen from the opposite direction. The delay reminds one of the immediate past, and of where you are right now. Additionally the delay allows one to ‘step into’ the performance space as you see who you were.

You may see yourself from six months ago, or see an old friend, or local character. It adds liveliness to the space as it is filled with humanity.
The last layer, History, is shown in the windows which act as metaphor for looking into the past. Pre-recorded footage of historical events and people is shown at suitable times. These slices of history combined with the other layers makes locals aware that they are part of a larger historical narrative.

The viewer becomes viewed, and part of the virtual community, which in turn becomes part of the real social space within the town center.

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