Shapeways & SoundCloud make unique cases!

Shapeways & SoundCloud

The 3D Printing company Shapeways, and the music hosting service SoundCloud have joined forces in a great and very modern way called The Vibe: making personalised phone cases that are made by combining your favorite music track and the casing of your music device!  Cool!  The interesting part is that I suggested almost exactly the same thing in my undergraduate project:

“Initially the user would send us one or more music files which would then be form modified and then used to laser cut the acrylic (or jet), making each amplifier unique for every user. ”

I knew I was onto something:  I surmised that personalised cases would heighten emotional resonance with each, individual owner, leading to more sustainable products……

Piccolo Amp Animation from Ben Jarrett on Vimeo.

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