slipcast plug – solidworks

I have modelled up a plug in Solidworks, originally with the intention of getting it CNCed with the Roland Modela we have at school. Unfortunately it has broken down, and with the only technician in New Zealand currently been in Australia for a month, other arrangements are in order. Back to Shank’s pony as it were….I will build the first models by hand and CNC when absolutely necessary due to the unexpected, and considerable, costs. Here are a couple of quick renders, showing the initial mold for casting tests. The overall shape is considerably shorter (around half height) than the real model due to the bed of the Roland being able to accomodate 490mm cuts. An addition benefit is the ease of molding the piece compared to a full size plug, and use of less slip (liquid clay). The main aim of the model is to test joining techniques for the bass and midrange drivers.

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