slipcasting testing

Now that I have decided to use porcelain as the cabinet, I am really needing to extend my knowledge about the technology in a hurry.  Slipcasting is a relatively easy process, it is the forming of a separate cavity within the main cavity that is the problem.  I have been experimenting with some different materials that act as fillers.  These fillers will burn off when the clay is fired leaving a (midrange) cavity.

These early molds are designed to test as many possiblities as possible, as quickly as possible. I am not concerned about beautifully finished objects as you can see. Some of the more commercially sensitive materials are excluded from this photo essay, but as the kind reader will note, I have not been afraid to experiment! The material needs to be strong enough to support itself, yet must be able to compress as the clay is drying, as well as wick water away at a similar rate as the plaster in order for the piece to dry evenly.

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