Staedtler Stapler

CLIENT:                    Staedtler NZ / Unitec

PROJECT DATE:       2009

The Staedtler brief was our first ‘live’ project.  Students could choose either a tape dispenser, or stapler, and were asked to anticipate future product offerings on behalf of the German company.

I attempted to engage with a new mechanism and form factor for the stapler that echoed some of the brand imagery already associated with Staedtler – this led to the rounded shape finally selected.  In retrospect the actual mechanism that joined the paper really suited the design perfectly, however the way the stapler had to be pulled backward to activate is counterintuitive and positions the hand in an unstable manner.  I would move back to a straight pincer lever if I were to redesign this stapler.

The project also allowed us to employ some of the Solidworks modelling that we had been learning in our CAD class and a couple of us were able to extend the virtual modelling into real modelling using the Roland CNC machine at Unitec.  I was fascinated with this technology that allowed me to realise my design with precision machining beyond my ability to hand manufacture.

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