I have been using the MIRToolbox plugin for MATLAB in order to analyse music.  By using four standard (non DRM, free) tracks over the course of my experiments, I hope to able to make correlations between music, gesture and form by running Self Organised Mapping (Neural networks) over the results.  Here are the graphical outputs from MIRToolbox: [...]
CLIENT:                     Unitec PROJECT DATE:       2011 - 2013 COLLABORATION:   Dr Nigel Yee   This is a component of my current Masters project.  The project seeks to remove dennotative symbol based communication with an abstract interface that uses movement to convey interface logic. The neural network that I am proposing acts as the structure on which the UI is based upon.[...]

Marsyas & MIR Toolbox

I haven't electronically updated my project's web presence in some time, despite a great deal of research having been completed. Rather than try and update in the correct chronological order I am going to use the scattergun approach in order to actually do it, rather than thinking about it as I have over the last week. I have investigated software that will help analyze music for the interface:[...]