CLIENT:                     Unitec PROJECT DATE:       2012 COLLABORATION:   Noel Zeng & Peter Koraca As a core concern of my current project I have tried to understand what are people’s natural gestures, rather than the learnt behaviours that we currently employ with touchscreen based devices.  Obviously, some of these gestures are themselves now natural, but after processing the outpu[...]

Processing - My first sketch

After much procrastination, I finally sat down and actually started to write some code, as opposed to skimming the books that I have brought. I was surprised at how intuitive it is at this basic is one of my first sketches in which you move your mouse around to create the graphics and push a mouse button to restart/ I guess it took about an hour and a half to get this far: [apple[...]

Diana Lange / Processing

Diana Lange is a graphic artist from Germany, who has recently created animations that use music (via Fast Fourier Transform data - FFT) to control objects that she has created in Processing. This method of using FFT data to manipulate objects interests me a great deal, and certainly has potential application for my project. Lineball | Processing from Diana Lange on Vimeo. How to sav[...]