Leveraging some of the work that I completed in my Masters project, I applied for – and got accepted to – the xCoAx journal proceedings in Portugal.

From the conference:

The “x factor” in xCoAx – that spellbinding glue that holds arts, computation and communication together – is what makes this conference and its participants unique. The global intertwingling of social, economic, political, environmental and technological worlds leaves us facing a host of complex and urgent issues. ….. We draw on participants’ shared imagination to search for possible (and preferable) futures at the interstices of the “x factor”, moving beyond disciplinary boundaries towards the elusive Third Culture.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find funding to present the paper in person – but I was published in the journal proceedings.

The proceedings my be downloaded here:

xCoax 2014 Conference Proceedings

xCoAx 2014

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